Diary of a Doula

Diary of a Doula

For many years I blogged under a pseudonym and found that it brought me as much joy as it seemed to bring my readers.

Keeping a diary or journal is a valuable self-care tool for doulas in order to contemplate, process, de-stress, and debrief and I have decided to share some of these writings here.

Unless with their express permission, real names will never be used and blogs will be written in such a way as to never (ever!) compromise the confidentiality of my clients or their families.

The idea is to share my journey as an end of life doula and funeral celebrant in the hope that it will provide insight into not only the work of a doula, but the experiences, lessons, challenges, and inspirational treasures gleaned from this work.

A gentle warning in advance is that I am straight-forward and my humour could be deemed by some to be irreverent at times. It’s not only a copying mechanism, it’s part of who I am and is never intended to offend.

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