Funeral Celebrant

FUNERAL CELEBRANCYI wish you weren’t reading this because, if you are, you are likely dealing with either the imminent or recent death of a loved one or facing your own mortality.

It’s so difficult and I’m so sorry for your pain.

My aim, as a celebrant, is to honour the life and legacy of your loved one and to bring peace of mind and closure to the bereaved. This is achieved by collaborating closely with you and your family to ensure the ceremony truly does justice to the person being honoured.

I am acutely aware of what a privilege it is to facilitate such an important ceremony and to pay homage to your loved one. Every skill and resource at my disposal will be used to ensure that all aspects of the service are dignified, authentic, and compassionate and exceed your hopes and expectations.

My promise to you is that I will listen carefully and be responsive to your intentions and expectations, give sound advice as to what works well, provide alternatives for you to consider, be passionate about getting your ceremony right, and be creative and eager to find and suggest something new.

With decades of experience in public speaking, event co-ordination, landscaping, caregiving, and executive NGO work, my unique skill set and ability to pay attention to the minutest of details, practically and creatively, will ensure a ceremony that is beautiful, meaningful, personalised, and appropriate.

To set your mind at ease and reassure you of my competence, in 2018 I organised an international conference with delegates and speakers from 23 countries. It was described by many as a flawless and impeccably co-ordinated event.

By nature, I am deeply compassionate and empathetic and have worked with the dying and their loved ones for many years in a supportive capacity.

Choosing a celebrant who is the right fit for you and your family is imperative and there’s only one way to find out if it’s me.

Let’s chat. It would be an honour to help you through this difficult time.

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is an ethically trained person who creates and officiates bespoke ceremonies such as funerals, ash scatterings, celebrations of life, baby naming after loss, and tree planting memorials.

Celebrants are the go-to option for people looking to create memories of substance and meaning without necessarily mentioning religious beliefs or the afterlife.

How the Planning Process Works

Initial 2-3 hour family meeting, virtual or in person, to:

  • Learn about the person being honoured
  • Determine type and tone of service
  • Establish the number of attendees, location, date and time – fluid and open to change
  • Discuss readings, videos, poems, and music, co-hosts, and speakers for the program
  • Share ideas for keepsakes for family & friends
  • Plan special touches for children, if any
  • Talk about flowers, food, and drink
  • Decide on budget

Personalising the Ceremony

In order to create an authentic, meaningful ceremony I would need to get to know your loved one through you. In preparation, consider the following:

  • How would they want to be remembered?
  • Their personality, interests, likes and dislikes
  • Some of their quirks and yes, amusing stories
  • The little things that made them special
  • Their achievements and careers
  • What mattered most to them
  • What was important to them
  • What made them happy

What Next?

  • A draft ceremony will be prepared with regular check ins to ensure all details and nuances are accurate.
  • The entire process is fluid and open to change.
  • My aim is to provide you with a sense of control over the content of the ceremony.

Benefits of Virtual Ceremonies – Zoom

  • Can be surprisingly warm and intimate
  • Geographical location unimportant; long-distance friends and family are brought close
  • Sick and elderly can attend without leaving home
  • Cost-effective – no venue or other costs
  • Everyone can see everyone in their own homes
  • Messages and memories can be shared in the chat box for all to save afterwards
  • Can be recorded and/or livestreamed
  • Mourners and speakers can look directly into each other’s faces
  • Best of all… No dress code from the waist down!

Ways to #RememberMe

  • Plant a tree with (some of) my cremains
  • Create a memorial garden
  • Craft a cushion cover using a shirt I wore
  • Make a bracelet using buttons from my clothes
  • Paint my coffin or write messages on it
  • Fill a memory chest with my favourite things
  • Create an epic memorial tribute video
  • Have a memory quilt made using my clothes
  • Personalised forget-me-not seed packages
  • Handwritten keepsake memorial stones
  • Memorial bookmark with photo
  • Cremation/remembrance jewellery